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Monday, January 5, 2009
Roses vs. Potatoes

IronChef Foicite: well, there's a lot of reasons
IronChef Foicite: i mean, roses only last like a couple weeks
IronChef Foicite: and that's if you leave them in water
IronChef Foicite: and they really only exist to be pretty
IronChef Foicite: so that's like saying
IronChef Foicite: "my love for you is transitory and based solely on your appearance"
IronChef Foicite: but a potato!
IronChef Foicite: potatos last for fucking ever, man
IronChef Foicite: in fact, not only will they not rot, they actually grow shit even if you just leave them in the sack
IronChef Foicite: that part alone makes it a good symbol
IronChef Foicite: but there's more!
IronChef Foicite: there are so many ways to enjoy a potato! you can even make a battery with it!
IronChef Foicite: and that's like saying "i have many ways in which I show my love for you"
IronChef Foicite: and potatos may be ugly, but they're still awesome
IronChef Foicite: so that's like saying "it doesn't matter at all what you look like, I'll still love you"

Awww... I want a potato now. :P

P.S. Been watching a lot of Code Geass R2 lately. It's addicting. ♥

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Thursday, January 1, 2009
Welcome to 2009 & Hair Care Tips


Anyways, maybe I'll just jot down random thoughts here for now. Maybe. :P

Jing told me a great way to take care of your hair.
[1] Don't wash your hair everyday. Yes it gets oily, but that's the point. The natural oils from your scalp allows your hair to retain moisture and still have the natural nutrients that it needs.

[2] Switch shampoos with each wash. Jing has 3-4 different shampoos and conditioner brands and she changes to a different one every time she washes her hair. Each brand carries different nutrients that your hair needs. And by switching frequently your hair will become shiny and soft.

[3] Some people don't use conditioner all the time. Bad! Shampoo actually damages your hair as it cleans it and conditioner fixes/protects it. So don't skip out on the conditioner.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008
Merry Christmas!

And as a gift, but not really, I posted up a short story on my writing journal. Enjoy~


Title: Courage to Speak
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Romance
Summary: Shy girl. Love triangles. And a funeral to attend.
Beta: my Survey of Forms: Fiction class
Word count: 2,960
Author's notes: Here is the second story that I wrote for my Survey of Forms: Fiction class. This is actually the first draft. I'm not that happy with the second draft, but I really do want to refine this story and maybe even make it novel length because I really liked the characters. If I do get around to revising this, it'll be quite different (maybe a different ending since it was kind of rushed), which is why I'm posting this anyway. :]

(Courage to Speak)

P.S. Still not sure what I'm doing with this yet. Might as well fill it with some cross posts. haha

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Not dead yet

This is my attempt at reviving this journal. I'm still not sure what I'm going to talk about here though since my life's gotten quite boring. haha But I really don't like the fact that it's just sitting here being useless.

So sit tight. There will be quite a few modifications being made over the (hopefully) next few weeks. And in the mean time...


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